Thursday, 29 December 2011

Style Icons Of 2011


Beyonce top my list for this category. She's done it all, studded, lace, lengthy/midi, colour-block, you name it. With a successful fashion line in US and international, she's definitely worked very hard to be on this list. She looks very ROCK CHIC in this outfit. This shows are fashion versatility.

Olivia looks colourful in this multi-coloured dress and cardigan. Her sense of style and humble confidence has got her to my top style icons of 2011. Her necklace is one of her designs at Roberta Freymann.

Rihanna is no stranger to my fashion list, yep I said it. This outfit is so creative, so fashion forward and definitely stepping in SS12.

Kelly Osborne has come a long way from her depression days to drug abuse. I have total respect for girls like her who admit their mistakes and start from a clean-slate. Starting from what she loves. Love can definitely change many things. Her style is an experiment, but an experiment well executed.

Well, well, well. Blake Blake. What can I say, she looks absolutely gorgeous, doesn't she? Not just now, always. I will describe her style as Americana and Minimal. Sometimes less is more.

This outfit was lastweek's outfit of the week. Emma Watson is now one of my top fashion icons of 2011. Not that I still anyone's style, but I adore are combinations. Reminds me of PARIS :)

Nobody does animal like Keri Hilson. Nobody does flat shoes like Keri Hilson. Nobody has so much confidence like Keri Hilson. Can you think of any other reasons why she's here? Oh just a minute, she's a fashion build-up. She wears bits of everything. Remember her video with Ne-yo and Kanye West?

The new mum looks FINE all the time. Fur are must-have for every fashionista, you need to have at least three, different colours of course. Her style is elegant, sophiscated and effortless. Very Me :)

Gwen Stefani's style keeps evolving, with her new ethnic print collection at L.A.M.B SS11. She looks amazing in ethnic. Stop playing girl, you have been spending too much time with Solange Knowles.

Ok, you might not expect this but she certainly deserves to be on this lists. Forget her Royal status and think of her Royal impact. She has single-handedly changed the traditional Royal Wedding dress for a more "Its about me and William, me referring to Kate. To be honest, a very modern and classic selection. No offence to the traditional.

SJP has made our summer very very colourful, her style is so ladylike. From Sex and the City to I Don't Know How She Does It. I love this dress, same colour dress and shoe is obviously back.

Solange Knowles Shoes

Solange Knowles is definitely my number one for most experimental, fearless, versatile and unique fashionista in the business. Her style is very ethnic and 70s inspired. Look at the braids.
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