Sunday, 3 November 2013

5 Ways To Promote Your Blog

Once you start blogging, you are now faced with "keeping it interesting" for your followers. The question is- how do you keep your followers happy? A very simple question with a complex answer. The trouble is, only your followers can tell you how to keep them interested. Here are 5 tips to help you keep your current followers and gain new ones (in no particular order). These tips are based on my experience as a blogger. They cost you nothing but few hours of your time per week.

Credible content
As a blogger, you are also an informant. It is important to have legitimate content to keep them rightly informed. Make sure you share honest information with your followers. Do not share information that you are uncertain about or taken without consent from another source. The same goes with images. They must be credited to the source or avoid using them. Once your followers realise that your content cannot be trusted, your credibility will be flushed down the drain. Trust me, you don't want that on your brand.

There would be no success without meeting people. You have to get out there. Go on Google and search for fashion networking events in your area (or whatever you blog about). There are lots of FREE networking events to trial before committing to paid events. With networking, comes the opportunity to collaborate and develop your craft.

You know the saying 'two heads are better than one', yes!....that one. Collaborating with emerging brands and even well established businesses will benefit you in terms of visibility and return on your services. It is always useful to run competitions on your blog and social media page to keep up with competition, but most importantly keep yourself relevant.

It is important to attend events but, it is also important to organise one. Of course this depends on what you blog about. For example, if you blog about Arts & Crafts, then you might want to organise an Arts & Crafts fair/workshop/discussion with people in the industry. This would help raise your profile as well as others involved. Ask for sponsorship from companies in similar trade. It is also an opportunity for you to meet with some of your followers. Make sure you have a feedback form to help you improve or know how well you're doing. We all need reassuring now and again.

Although you might be blogging for fun, you might want to take this to the next level at some point. Get your brand name, logo, slogan (if applicable), aims and objectives in check before you go out networking or seeking collaboration. If you can get the aforementioned marketing mix in place, people/businesses will take you seriously. Make sure you get a business card too! Oh...and your business proposal.

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Content credit: Eighteen Forever