Monday, 6 February 2012

Your ideal body

In the ideal world, women are natural and they embrace their shapes but always keep to a healthy lifestyle. In the celebrity/fashion world, it is a different part of life- skinny women, enhanced human-like creatures aka cosmetics surgery freaks have taken over the reality of the ideal world. One of the most controversial A-list celebrity who has been reported to starving herself in the name of "image" is "Victoria Beckham". Unfortunately for her, she is well hated by many mothers who might feel her image does not represent real womanhood.

I truly admire Victoria. I believe whatever way she wants to look is entirely up to her. However, starving yourself is not exactly healthy- Is it?

Moving on......

Beyonce said in one of her interviews that "Real women have curves". Now that is a bit extreme because some people undergo cosmetic surgery to have curves. We don't need this sort of message. I am 26yrs old, 5ft 9ins and 7stone (I've always been slim). My message is "body shapes and sizes does not define a woman- her lifestyle does". A healthy based diet and regular exercise is what is important to combat various diseases like diabetes.

I embrace people for who and what they are not for what they look like. So join me as I introduce "Fashion for Curvy Women" this week- 5th-11th of February.

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