Monday, 28 July 2014

Unlocking Your Potential

What potential? How do you identify your potential? How do you unlock your potential? If, like me, you're a serial networker, always looking for practical ways to improve yourself and your business, then this article will naturally stimulate your interest.

Enterprising Women and Othella LLP organised a conference as part of the International Festival for Business this year. The conference 'Unlocking Your Potential' was held in Liverpool to empower, inspire, challenge, change, grow and motivate women in business or those with business ideas. The event featured successful female speakers who shared their success stories as well as their struggles of running a business.

The conference focus primarily on- emotional resilience, digital marketing and measuring business performance. Emotional resilience is a consequential part of successful personal and business development. Eileen Lennon said "emotional resilience is the grit to life or business. You have to get it right, once you do, everything else falls into place". Eileen's useful tips for developing your business are:-

1. Awareness of your impact,
2. Positive in your abilities (CAN do attitude),
3. Social networks (always keep them active),
4. Change (sometimes we need to do things differently. Change can be daunting but it is inevitable).
5. Be optimistic- once your emotional resilience is in check, then, you are able to position your business in a fitting manner particularly on social media.

Digital marketing is a fundamental business tool in today's business environment. Kate Hayes from NextGen highlighted some key functionalities useful for increased visibility on search engines. As a blogger, SEO and social media are two familiar tools I use on a daily basis. However practical tips for creating and managing online presence is never easy. Not only do you need good marketing contents, you also need time and finance to support your strategies.

Once you've put your emotional resilience to practice, it is time to recreate relevant content for your brand and measure the impact of your hard-work.

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Photo credit: Eighteen Forever