Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fatima Jabbe & The Mirror Boy

My first interview was with Fatima Jabbe, a Gambian actress and model. She recently starred in “The Mirror Boy”. Fatima resides in the UK, however, her extensive charity work traces back to Gambia.

Above: Fatima on the Red Carpet at the African Gospel Awards with Afrika Rising presenter, Lola Ogunbadejo.

S: Hello Fatima

F: Hi Sally

S: How did you get into acting and why?

F: I studied performing art and started acting but stopped for personal reasons, but I recently started again “Mirror Boy”.

S: What was it like working with the others?

F: It was a great experience

S: Would you consider working in Nollywood?

F: I am currently working on some more Nollywood movies.

S: Do you consider anyone your role model?

F: My mother has always been the one I look up to and seek advice from, so I consider her my role model. My president (His Excellency Yaya Jammeh) has been my hero as he help me believe in myself and help me with a fighting spirit to achieve more in life.

S: What advice do you have for young girls who want to get into the industry?

F: Follow your dreams, respect yourself and your womanhood.

S: Very nice chatting with you and thanks for your time.

F: Many thanks to you.