Friday, 22 February 2013

Fashion Weekender

Keeping it stylish and trendy with a 3/4 bright colour blazer from H&M. Carefully teamed with mid-length black dress and a Zebra-like high heel shoe. Flying high with my Tab..what could go wrong? Welcome to the weekender!

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever

Monday, 11 February 2013

London Fashion Week to Spring

After a bitterly cold winter, all you need is a bright colour jumper to keep you energised and fashionable in Spring. The perfect bright colour and easy to style is Lemon. Yes! Lemon. Lemon is quite admissible to Emerald, one of this season hot colours according to Pantone. What more you could you possible want? It is easy to go wrong with it because it doesn't compliment everybody's skin tone. Olive and Dark skins have more complimentary texture with Lemon more than lighter skin tones. However, your eyes and hair colour can be a great factor to determine the suitability of Lemon for you.

How do I wear it?
Well, you can find many items in lemon- accessories, tops, jackets and even shoes. Be careful with mixing too much colour with Lemon. It can make you look like Pete the drag Master. Wear lemon with black or white. Keep it simple, chic and classy. I styled this Sloane Crew jumper with sleek black and gold. The gold gives it a glamourous look perfect for a night out.

All items styled at asosfashionder

Bright colour jumper

Bering Ladies Ceramic Black Rose Gold Watch £199
Small Black Sloan Quitted Shoulder Bag by MICHAEL Michael Ko £220
Tailored Crepe Suit Trouser £119
Pele Black Boots £129
Sloane Crew Neck Jumper in Citronelle £105

Bright colours are not the only fashion forward styles for spring. Taking fashion to a whole new stage is this Sporty Luxe outfit. The statement jumper, pencil skirts, white hat and of course, a chance to walk down the street with confidence with this earmuffs. Add some knee socks!!

Sporty Luxe

New Look Barney Backpack £19.99Tailored Crepe Suit Skirt £119White Hat from asos £35KN561A Medium Grey Neon Lip Sticks Knit £305Great Jones Wired Earmuffs £75Teramo £190
Alexandra meets Darling

Don't ask me why I call it "Alexandra meets Darling". It just fit. Perfect Madame, yet renaissance. The earings add some fetish twist with the spiders on them. I bet you didn't notice. The shoe has been spotted on Beyonce at this year's Grammy Awards (more on the Grammy's later)

Asos Jewel Beetle Earring £18Goat Hair Jacket £499Black Mesh Bodysuit £11.99Megan Park Patchwork Skirt £351.07Flis Flower Embellished Bag £129Chloe Clever Black Courts £129
Printed dressThe biker jacket makes it rock n roll. The printed shirt makes it bold feminine and the andro shoes are totally different from the latter, but it works! What is fashion without fun and risk!! 

Snake Frame X-Body £32Asos Astonished Leather Ankle Boot £60Black cropped Leather Look Jacket £35.99Graphic Print Bodycon Dress £8Mirrored Lens Classic Silver Aviator Sunglasses by Rayban £118Image credit: Eighteen Forever**Please ask for permission before using the images**