Sunday, 3 June 2012

Street Style: Scousers

Copious activities were going on in Liverpool last Friday, starting with the Olympic torch passing by the city center  followed by music festival courtesy of Liverpool University students' and the ever wonderful British preparation for street parties celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was a beautiful atmosphere. I  witnessed all of these and more. Liverpool is known for many things...the Beatles, scouse brow, rollers in the hair, pyjamas on the street, fashion but not style to name a few. For those of you who don't know what scouse brow is, there is no exact word of describing it. Here it is (first image) other words "ludicrous brow". The worst thing about this is that people walk around the street looking like this and think it is cool. No darlings it is not cool. You are scaring the kids!!!!

Regardless of this shambolic trend, I met some relaxed and fashion look girls on the street. Fashion is a "trend" and style is your expression of that trend. Therefore style is distinctively individual. My mission for the next few weeks is to bring you fashion and style from Liverpool like you've never seen it before. I was too busy catching up with friends but I managed to hunt some fashion vultures in the city. From London chic style to retro glamour. Check them out....

This is my favourite look of all. Her look is London Chic, effortless and absolutely beautiful. Love the blazer! Very well done! 
There is nothing more exciting than a relaxed fashion statement. She has everything going here...jumpsuit, canvass, and this season hot colour pastel (handbag). Love the statement necklace! Perfect for the movies!

Lunch time in LA look meets Liverpool is a great style for attention. I love the sunglasses and the denim jacket. Perfect look for a city chic. Well done!
Denim short and canvass is quite a popular look in Liverpool. A bit more make-up and hair attention would have been great.

Very relaxed look for Friday evening in Liverpool. She must be from Chelsea. Leather jacket is hot this season. Swap the flats for heel sandals or high heels and you are good to go. Love the make-up!

This hair is so Beyonce? Union jack colour, statement piece necklace and lots of shopping bags tells me she is trendy. Happy shopping!

Spotted by Topshop L1

It was destined. I saw this young lady earlier that day around Smithdown road and I wished I was close to take a picture. Later that evening, I saw her in L1 in this skirt. We were meant to meet. Thanks to mother nature!

Beautiful skirt by atmosphere. Her style is retro glam. Love the lipstick and the bag. Keep hydrated honey!
A blend of fashion and style. Everything is going on right with this young lady. Studs, spiky necklace, flare skirt and check out that biker jacket. I love it!

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever
Courtesy: To everyone in this post