Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Matthew Williamson

One of Britain's top designers' Matthew has reached a peak in his career but nothing is stoping the gazing-looking designer any time soon. His 15th anniversary looked back at some of his amazing designs on the catwalk. Hats-off to a TRUE LIVING LEGEND.

Here are some of Matthew incredible designs;

This outfit was part of his first ever show in 1997

 SPRING/SUMMER 2010 - "This dress was made in acid-yellow silk chiffon, cut onto a bodice and gathered into tiny pleats. I love the combination of draping quite a sharp shape with a very feminine, fluid fabric."

SPRING/SUMMER 2009 - "This suit was made in silk satin. I wanted to make a sharp suit which would stand out from the crowd. We certainly did that in fuchsia pink, a colour which has often been associated with my label. As the label has developed over the years, more and more structure and tailored pieces have been added and so - whilst the core values of the brand have remained - I feel it’s important to try new things and add more layers and dimensions to a collection every season."

SPRING/SUMMER 2008 - "I guess I will always be known as a designer who references Ibiza, even though I’ve only been to the island a couple of times in my early Twenties. I like to think looks like this have a broader appeal. Suggestive of luxury, jet set and global travel, these kinds of looks are now covered in my separate line Escape. This show holds fond memories for me as it marked our 10-year anniversary, where Prince did an amazing performance at the show much to everyone’s amazement, including mine!"

AUTUMN/WINTER 2011-12 - "This outfit for me sums up the brand today. I love the strength of colour combined with the more muted, metallic tones and also the sharpness of the jacket teamed with the delicate, femininity of the skirt. As we move forward, our beading techniques have become more and more refined. The skirt is made up of thousands of shard-like, metallic sequins which fall into a hem covered in hand-dyed, hand-sewn, ostrich feathers."

Photo credit: Vogue

Monday, 13 February 2012

Red Carpet Dresses At The Grammy's 2012

It is that time of year when everyone in the entertainment industry get together and celebrate their achievements. But for us fashion bloggers, another time to scrutinise their outfits. I love watching the Grammy's and the ever-bomshell that occurs. Some of which include Kanye vs Taylor Swift, Eminem vs Man with his bottom on Eminem mouth, Chris Brown emotional tribute to the late King of Pop. I am sure you lot have more on your mind.

Well, back to fashion, I admire lots of outfits on the red carpet and I think many have upped their game this year. Here goes my favourites:
 Adele- My number 1, why not? With a great voice, personality and sense of humour. All transfered into her wardrobe. She won six well deserved Grammy's! It must be that Giorgio Armani dress :)
Alicia Keys- Simple and elegant! Although Rihanna is not on my list. They are both wearing the same shoe!
Alicia is graceful and humble just like her style. Great performance to the late Etta James in a black midi dress by Alexandre Vauthier Couture and a gold necklace

Corinne Bailey Rae-made a triumphant return, winning the Best R&B Performance at the Grammys. Great dress by Christian Siriano. Look at the shoe!

Carrie Underwood- Always looking gorgeous on the red carpet. What is your medicine? Wearing white? Is she telling us something?

Who is she? Its Paris Hilton- OMG doesn't she look amazing. I seriously thought she had migrated to space. Nevermind, she shoves sweet.

Kelly Rowland- This lady has not got it wrong since establishing herself as a solo artist. Shinning like a true super-star in an embellished dress by Aberta Ferreti. Elegant!

Taylor Swift- This country angel always look demure on the red-carpet. She shines in an embellished dress with a striking high neckline by Zuhair Murad Couture.

Kelly Osborne- First, I love the hair colour! She looks effortlessly beautiful in this pretty waterfall gown. So jealous!

 Katy Perry- It looks like Ms Perry has moved on. New hair colour, eceentric outfit and of course brand new attitude. This is an unusal colour on hair, but I must say she look stunning. Lace is definitely still in Vogue. Way to go Katy!
Bruno Mars- The only male on my list. I love this guy, he looks manly in this outfit. Check out the swag and the shoes!

Photo credit: online magazine

Saturday, 11 February 2012

What I Created This Week

I have carefully styled this items for "fashion for curvy women" which was the first theme for this blog. Post your comments people xx

Images created by: Eighteen Forever

Monday, 6 February 2012

Your ideal body

In the ideal world, women are natural and they embrace their shapes but always keep to a healthy lifestyle. In the celebrity/fashion world, it is a different part of life- skinny women, enhanced human-like creatures aka cosmetics surgery freaks have taken over the reality of the ideal world. One of the most controversial A-list celebrity who has been reported to starving herself in the name of "image" is "Victoria Beckham". Unfortunately for her, she is well hated by many mothers who might feel her image does not represent real womanhood.

I truly admire Victoria. I believe whatever way she wants to look is entirely up to her. However, starving yourself is not exactly healthy- Is it?

Moving on......

Beyonce said in one of her interviews that "Real women have curves". Now that is a bit extreme because some people undergo cosmetic surgery to have curves. We don't need this sort of message. I am 26yrs old, 5ft 9ins and 7stone (I've always been slim). My message is "body shapes and sizes does not define a woman- her lifestyle does". A healthy based diet and regular exercise is what is important to combat various diseases like diabetes.

I embrace people for who and what they are not for what they look like. So join me as I introduce "Fashion for Curvy Women" this week- 5th-11th of February.

Photo credit: www

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Interview with Dji Dieng

What happened when I  
interviewed  one of the world’s top supermodel “Dji Dieng”

Today, among the fashion specialists Dji Dieng is considered as one of the most beautiful black Supermodel of the world.

Her smile is flavoured with an extraordinary Aura! Dji, born at Thies, Senegal, of French nationality, past her childhood partly in Dakar, as well as in Paris and grew up in Italy
and the USA where she developed her 5 language skills. As internationally recognized supermodel she has an impressive list of Editorials and Covers as – Marie-Claire, Glamour, Vanity Fair, MAX, GQ, Vogue, Brigitte, Woman, You, The Mirror, La Repubblica, Metro, L’Officiel des 1000 modèles, Punkt, Shenka, Vogue. Equally, Dji performs from Paris to
New York, from Milan to Copenhagen, London to Vienna, from Cape Town to Berlin, in Asia and other fashion spots around the world for important designers like Hermès Christian Dior, Carven, Cavalli, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Diane von Furstenberg to name a few.

Please tell me about yourself and what you do?

I am Dji Dieng, born in Senegal, raised in Europe and the USA. Actually I am working successfully as model on all five continents for the best designers and hand-selected clients for product presentations and commercials.

What motivated you to do what you do?

It was a real hazard that I became a model, and the motivation was and still is the challenge to be at the heartbeat of the fashion business, discovering creative people and new cultures.

What are the positive and drawbacks of the industry you work in?

The positive aspect of my job is that I am able to transfuse my image for the benefit of humanitarian missions.

What is your highlight (s) of your career so far?

This questions I can’t reply as I had so many highlights in my career. But certainly some of the most important highlights are the awards I received for my social engagements as the Award for Humanity, the Leading Ladies Award and the United Nations Volunteer Award. And I am still to only Supermodel bestowed with these honors, and I will continue to assume my social responsibility.

Do you consider yourself a fashionista?

I am probably a Fashionista, but not addicted. I also wear simple and easy-going cloth where I feel comfortable in them. But of course I am addicted about shoes and hand-bags as any woman.

What are your favourite brands/outfit/style?

Favourite brands are many depending of what style and occasion I wear something. One of my favourite is certainly Alexander McQueen. He was gifted with inspiration and creativity. But there are also many others I love. The list would be endless from Haute-Couture to Prêt-à-Porter; I wear all.

Who are your fashion inspirations?

My fashion inspirations are the girls and women in the different countries I travel for my job. Each has its style and many things can be combined for your own style.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are certainly to continue for a few more years my modeling career and also my humanitarian assignments. And I continue also to expand my other activities which will become more important at the moment I will terminate my model career, reason I had founded my own company with my management some years ago.

Any advice to aspiring models who want to get into the modelling industry?

Oh, sure as confirmed supermodel I do have a lot of advises to aspiring models. The most
important is to be realistic even dreaming about to become model. Not everything what is shining is glamour. Being prudent but following the dream. To get a lot of discipline and making sacrifices in life, and to be at the right time at the right place.

Thank you so much for honouring this interview, I wish you all the best in your career.

Thank you for the interview opportunity and your wishes are most welcome.

Peace and Love.

Photo credit: Dji Dieng