Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ladylike Never Looked So Damn Fabulous

I am just creating different outfits for the weekend. I am drifting slightly from all-in pastel to bright colour and muted colours. I am taking things to a different level with elegant dresses and a touch colour. The second creation adds different styles: Ladylike, mature woman and rebel (L-R see third outfit). Will post some more later. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Outfit 1: Ladylike (glamour)

Fashion From Space: Courtesy of Vlisco

I am super excited by these designs to the point that I'm actually "speechless". I came across them yesterday on facebook and I will make it a mission to interview some of the designers behind this genius creations. As you can see, the designs and material are African inspired and totally mind-blowing. Think of "giraffe, peacock, myths about mermaid's" and other creatures. You can see this on every single design. Enough description, check them out........

 This is called "Psychédéliques" meaning a altered state of awareness. I call it an altered state of creativity. I mean look at the craftmanship. Totally awesome!
 This is truly a "graphic statement". It is show-stopping and very arithmetic. I sure remember my rectangles and circles.
What is this? Can anyone walk in this one? Oh yes..Lady Gaga. It's really interesting because some of this designs have been out well before Gaga (from 1990+). Shocking!

I love this number. Pink is a great colour when you see it in such as classic way. Flamboyant and interactive!

OK I am not sure which one is my favourite now, but I can tell you this design has taken over my soul :) Focus on the design below (very carefully and you shall feel the same effect).

If you have any designs/products you want to be featured, just send me an email

Photo credit: Vilsco on facebook


Steal her style
The heading to the image below should read "Steal Her Style". Apologies for the error. I've tried to rectify it but no avail.

This is how I restyled Rihanna's look:

Moda in pelle shadwell womens black knee high boots in leather £99.95
Cat woman silk mini-dress £210
River Isand red pu biker jacket £55
Asos premium spike torq £32

Add some nail colour for maximum effect:
O.P.I Holland mini collections £12.95.

Image created by: Eighteen Forever
Rihanna's image: www

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fenwick on Bold Street

Finally Fenwick online store opens....... It's been a very long time coming, another shopping sprung for you fashion vultures. Fenwick is amazing spontaneous in their selection of niche brands from Attic & Barn to Pyrus and many others. Check out my favourites below:           

Clockwise from top left: Zipped pouches by Taiuti, £39; Silk shorts, £139; Leather floral tote, £189; Rope pink stone pendant by Shourouk, £259; Silk square bandana by Epice, £99.

Silk drawstring trousers by Pyrus £49

                                                        Printed maxi skirt by Attic & Barn £279

Photo credit:

Valentino at Beverly Hills

Valentino flagship store finally opens in Beverly Hills today. As you would expect many A-listers attended to witness one of the most influential design house in the history of fashion open in the kingdom of glamour. These are my favourite looks and a definite SS trend. I name them......

Tribal chic
Louise Roe in a maxi-skirt, grey-shimmer blouse and snake-skin clutch. She looks effortlessly glamorous but comfortable too.

Italian glamour

Nicky is wearing one of Valentino's famous leather dress. Her shoe narrows her legs making them look like pins. Great choice of clutch bag. Looks like the wavy hair is back this season. Well done!


One of my favourite stylist Rachael Zoe in a Zebra print dress. Very Extrovert, won't you say?
The top widens her shoulder and the waist-belt slims her waist down making her look talker and of course, elegant. Well done Rachael! Love the make-up too.

These are my favourite looks from the occassion. Do you have any to share?

Photo credit: www

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

What is it about optical illusion dress?

I don't really understand the fuss. Everyone is wearing it, even Amy Childs latest collection has a piece of an optical illusion dress. Apparently, the dress gives a more je nais ce quoi to the female figure. So why is Kim Kardashian wearing it? She doesn't need any je nais ce quoi.

Kim Kardashian in optical illusion dress.

Amy Childs in pink & black optical illusion dress from her latest collection

Rosie Huntington Whiteley in a beautiful monochrome dress from M&S (Autograph)
Would you wear it?

Photo credit:

Monday, 26 March 2012

Welcome Sunshine

Welcome sunshine x. Earlier today I was wearing a jumpsuit, coral blazer, gold belt, black-heeled sandal, clutch bag and accessories. It's sunny and warm, why not set out in style.

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Who Wore It Better?

Check out this stylish duos in similar outfits, one of them wore it better. Who is it? You decide"

Rihanna vs Nicola Roberts

Poppy Delevigne and Kristen Bell

Katy Perry vs Alexandra Burke

Leona Lewis vs Victoria Silvstedt

Taylor Swift vs Dionne

Ciara vs Kim Kardashian

Solange Knowles vs Alesha Dixon

That's it........Ladies and gentlemen. The decision is all yours, who wore it best? Choose!

Photo credit: www

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ozwald Boateng for women

Ozwald Boateng plans to design for women. I am thrilled to hear that the famous male designer is setting plans for the ladies. I have seen some of his catwalk shows and I must admit they are immaculate. If that is anything to go by, his ladies designs will be swifting off the runway in grace glamour. Ozwald is a British designer as expressed in many of his designs "classic British tailoring". He is also involved in cinematography and has directed some interesting and informative projects like No Boundaries and Catching Dreams.

Model wearing design by Ozwald Boateng. I picture Kanye West in this one. Very brave!
I am trying to picture the trademark for his women's collection, so questions spring to mind; what era of fashion will he pay tribute to? would he be inspired by existing British female designers, Victoria Beckham? Would they be tailored designs or couture?

What do you think his women's trademark will be?

Photo credit:

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Marni For H&M

We have seen the amazing Versace collections at H&M last year. The high street giant is doing it again, only this time with..... Marni. I loved the video but seeing it in store is much more savvy than I anticipated. There is a lot of controversy about the models, a physician claims they look like corps. Well, I say they look very hungry!

Nevermind, lets look at the mighty collection are my favourites;

L-R: Dress £99.99, necklace £24.99, Dress £59.99, sunglasses £19.99

Bag £59.99

Hats from £9.99


I heart the designs but more discussion about the model please. Does she look like a corpse? Are the prices out of your range? What do you like/not like about the collection. Discuss.

Photo credit: google images

Monday, 12 March 2012

Gok Wan For Sainsbury's

Style Expert

Nobody makes fashion more fun like Gok Wan. He is the style guru from England. His latest collection for Sainbury's is absolutely amazing. To be honest, I couldn't believe he designed for a supermarket and so affordable too. Not been arrogant or anything but not many of us will actually go grocery shopping and clothes shopping in one store. Then again, he has changed my perspective for GOOD. Thank you Gok.

Check out his collection for Sainbury's here;

Style- Easy breezy
Shell top £20
Circular skirt £30

Style- Bold and beautiful
Tunic dress £30

Style- Curvalicious
Dress £ 40

Style- Effortless chic
Cropped jacket £45
Slim fit trousers £30

Style- Retro glamour
Flared hem dress £45


Friday, 9 March 2012

Jo'burg Fashion Week 2012

We have seen so many fashion designs in the past few weeks from NFW, LFW to PFW. But nothing says STYLE more than Jo'burg Fashion Week. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the styles are uniquely showcasing the best out of Africa.  What is more, they do not follow trends or other global fashion markets, they create trends which make the looks high "individual". A style page for everyone!!!

First up.....

The styles are novelty, chic and feminin. As you can see, Foschini collection shows the models figures without giving too much to the imagination. Teaming mid-length trousers with a casual knit and also mixing very dark colour with a bright mid-length trouser creating a "boy meet girl" look (see model 2). Very well done!

Tamryn Van Der Merwe

This collection is playful. It reminds of Rihanna. Free-spirited and careless but very well executed. It is one of those collection you will always remember after a show because it is different.

Photo credit: SDR Photo

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

London Fashion Week 2012

High fashion is the best way to describe the current UK fashion industry. Looking @LFW 2012, there is no doubt designers' have gone all the way to create impeccable and immaculate designs that would forever inspire fashionistas no matter their budget. This season main colour is pastel surprisingly popular with the men's collection, making this year fashion week a very collaborative success.  Besides that, emerging fashion designers' have the opportunity to showcase their designs to hundreds of buyers, celebrities and of course fashion bloggers.

Rouge by Rachelle happens to be one of UK's emerging designers'. Her designs shows two elements in my view; artistry and individuality.

Fashion designer @Rouge By Rachelle with model.

Below are some of her amazing designs showcased @LFW 2012.

Designer: Rouge by Rachelle
Photography: Simons Photography

Courtesy to Rouge By Rachelle for her permission to produce this content.