Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ozwald Boateng for women

Ozwald Boateng plans to design for women. I am thrilled to hear that the famous male designer is setting plans for the ladies. I have seen some of his catwalk shows and I must admit they are immaculate. If that is anything to go by, his ladies designs will be swifting off the runway in grace glamour. Ozwald is a British designer as expressed in many of his designs "classic British tailoring". He is also involved in cinematography and has directed some interesting and informative projects like No Boundaries and Catching Dreams.

Model wearing design by Ozwald Boateng. I picture Kanye West in this one. Very brave!
I am trying to picture the trademark for his women's collection, so questions spring to mind; what era of fashion will he pay tribute to? would he be inspired by existing British female designers, Victoria Beckham? Would they be tailored designs or couture?

What do you think his women's trademark will be?

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