Sunday, 7 April 2013

Do What You Love

It is always a pleasure to be invited on a show to discuss fashion. This time, an invitation on The Sporah Show to talk about London Fashion Week, the fuzz and loves! Backstage is always exciting because I get to talk to different people and get an insight into why they've come on the show in more than 5 minutes. As you know, there is little time for so much to say and do on air. Backstage gives a different yet realistic background to people's story. 

I met two lovely ladies who dedicate their times to animals. They organise charity and fundraising events  in support of animal welfare called- Black Nose Day. They are planning a campaign to make Black Nose Day official in the national calendar just like Red Nose Day. 
Would you be supporting?

Later, I met a gentleman by the name John, the organiser of Kigali Show with an inspiring story of his challenges he faced organising the show with the aim of putting Rwanda back on the map. 

It got really exciting meeting with Ethel. Although I am not a huge fan of her fashion style, I think she's doing what she loves and I admire her for that. Ethel is a Afro-beats singer who performed on The Sporah Show after she was hypnotised. Yes she was for her fear of Spiders. Quite funny to watch!

We talked about fashion and weirdly drifted to celebrity gossip. OK, that was really freaky. I do not do celebrity gossip! There are way too many important things to discuss than some self-egoistic individuals with no purpose of direction.

"The fashion industry is a really competitive market, if you don't work hard to grow and broaden your network, you will limit your success"- Eighteen Forever

Ethel and I backstage at The Sporah Show. 

                                                     Spiky necklace from New Look

Coral-reef midi dress from Topshop 
Spiky ankle boot & the rings

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever