Monday, 25 August 2014

2014 MTV Video Music Awards

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. The only video music awards to have hosted artists who chose to wear outfit made with meat aka Lady Gaga or not very much on aka Amber Rose (who is not even an artist). So what exactly are they celebrating? Well, lets just say some load of shit called Pop music. But that's non of our business...we only judge fashion. Here we go..

Solange Knowles in @hm Studio Collection and Ariana Grande in a Leather outfit.

Love both outfits because they are different from what we normally see on both of them. Solange looks great as always. A new take on the 2-piece tailored capsule. Ariana is bridging a new style- showing maturity. 
Jordin Sparks and BF Jason Derulo look well loved up on the red carpet. Love the outfit. 
Kendall Jenner, Mylie Cyrus, Chanel Iman and Beyonce all channel the classic colour 'black' on the red carpet. How amazing was Beyonce's performance though? 
Rita Ora has been working sleepwear trend lately. Love this red dress on her. Very Marilyn Monroe. Demi Lovato looks stunning too. 
Charli! What were you thinking? 
Red carpet make-up we love......

Jennifer Lopez in @Versace, Amber Rose and Iggy Azelea take on Silver.

Jennifer Lopez looks good but there is nothing new about this. She's played it safe again!! Cannot understand what Amber Rose was thinking choosing this outfit. Not only is it tacky, it's just utterly outrageous. Just as we are trying to give her credit for changing a new chapter, she takes us back to square one. Really awful!! Iggy's dress is nice but not good on her. Maybe next time...

The reality star trio hit the red carpet yet again. Only this time, they mis-match their outfit. Kylie Jenner and Kim West should swap outfit. Kendall looks perfect!!

Photo credit: Online