Thursday, 5 March 2015

International Women's Day Party 2015

IWD stands for (International Women's Day). Here are some Festival Themed Party for you and your loved ones. Hope you are inspired by the extraordinary things ordinary women of our generation advocate. Much love to you all.

You all love a good celebration, don't you? I'm sure you do. Well, The Women's Organisation brings you international women's day celebration on Thursday 5th March, 2pm-4.30pm. The event will take place at 54 St James, adjacent to Chinatown and Liverpool One.

Tickets are FREE for this event. Get yours HERE

First up, an International Women's Day Festival Launch Party at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama Eton Avenue London, NW3 3HY. London.

This event will take place Thursday 5th March at 6pm-11pm. For more information and tickets, please contact the University directly.

Another event is from Glasgow taking place Friday 6th March 3pm-6pm. The event is a vintage tea party to celebrate the strength of women through the ages. It is FREE, with a range of activities- dance, nails, yoga, self-defence and so on. This event will take place at G31 Centre, 67 Yate Street, G31 4AW.

This event is organised by Prevention and Education North East, The Glasgow Council on Alcohol. Please Click here for more information.