Sunday, 19 August 2012

Africa Fashion Week London 2012

This look is fashion forward and relaxed. Brogue mixed with Afro-print LS shirt is well styled and matched. *Thumps* up from moi

Perfect colour duo. The lady in purple LS blouse gets it right! Very well done. Love the shoes x

Afro-print jumpsuit is a way to go!

See Eighteen Forever Jumpsuit £30 below. Contact sales 07554173992

Top model @AFWL. She is awesome! Would like to interview her. 

Afro-print jumpsuit with a HOOD! Rock that out! 

Too busy talking.....that's what African ladies do best. They are always catching up with friends even if they live together :)

Two words: Simple and Sassy
If this is not fashion addict best spot, I don't know what to say. I adore the head-wrap, and the oversize bag too. On my wish list! Tried the head-wrap a while back, so difficult to do though! *Thumps* up or down!

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever