Saturday, 8 September 2012

Nana Afua Antwi: Britain's Top Model

My previous post about Nana was by mere opportunity. I found Nana's profile on Fashions Finest website and decided to write about her on the blog. Now I got the chance to interview her. Are you asking....who is she? Here is a bio about her!!

Nana Afua started modelling when she was scouted at H&M in Central London mid 2009. Same year she started her catwalk experience at La geneve north events working for establish and emerging designers. Nana Afua is one of the few African models to recently grace September/August Issue 2011 of Black hair Magazine which was voted best cover celebrating black beauty in America. She also appread in Pride Magazine as the face of the feature for 'real women' and did editorials for Fabulous Magazine. Nana Afua has walked in London Fashion Week for Matthew Williamson and the face for E'lon Cosmetics in America. She has grace most fashion and lifestyle magazine in the UK and also for American Online Magazine E'lon.
She has appeared in the Barking & Dagenham Post Newspapers six times continuous spread for her work ethic as well as the The Voice (newspaper). Nana Afua is an upcoming fashion designer with the clothing brand 'adopted culture' which was selected for Vogue Fashion's night out September 2011. In record the label is the first ethincal brand to ever grace Savile Row in Sartoria Bar Central London. She won Best Female Model of the year in October 2011 for Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Awards (BEFFTA Awards).

Hi Nana, from the recent online voting, you have been titled Britain’s Top Model. How did you get into this ranking and how do you feel been No 1?

      Honestly have no idea how I got into the Hottest British Fashion Models ranking it’s been 8weeks and still voted No 1 so that’s a dream come true.
Have you always aspired to be a model? Be honest *smiles*

Modelling has been part of me growing up so it’s definitely something I passion to pursue

 If not, what were your ambitions?

My ambitions were to be a Model and a fashion Designer which I am doing now so very pleased with that accomplishment having said that I always thought I would be a lawyer.

Who are your role models in this industry?

My role model in the modelling industry right now will be Tyra Banks the more I watch her I want to be better than her ‘laughs’

Have you ever comprised your principles or values to meet the want of a designer or your agent?

Well they say models don’t have a say in the industry but am kind of a girl that always say my mind. I do respect the job of a designer and an agent but still confident to make my point across if inconvenient.

Which magazines/brands would you like to cover?

American Vogue, Ebony Magazine, Love Magazine

What was going through your mind when you were ripping the runway at AFWL?

Freedom! that’s how I feel whenever I hit the catwalk

What is your highlight(s) of the event (AFWL)

Finale show for Adebayo Jones was fantastic finally got my ‘Yes Dress ‘signed by himself for me to grace on the catwalk

Describe “Adopted Culture”?

Adopted Culture is a clothing brand with an idea of different blend of fabrics to create unique creativity.

Adopted culture was not exhibited or showcased at AFWL. What happened?

Adopted Culture was showcased last year’s AFWL. I don’t rush making loads of collection just to show off. As a designer I study the market and know when to promote my samples

What’s in your handbag?

I love shoulder bags with a little funky twist. I am a big fan of big bags as well

How often do you go for beauty treats?

I must say I’ve never had beauty treats outdoor I do my own beauty treats I don’t like wearing makeup so I like staying natural at most occasion

Congratulations on your TV show!!

Describe your fashion style for your presenting role?

One word CHIC

Care to share some future projects?
Probably acting it’s something I feel I was born to do as well it runs in my personality

Advice to aspiring models?

Well just keep doing you not just for attention but as a positive role model

Thank you so much for honouring this interview.

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Photo credit: Eighteen Forever
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