Sunday, 9 December 2012

Iconicity: Independent, Heritage, Ready-to-Wear

Iconicity Fashion is taking African inspiration and luscious prints and fabrics to the forefront of up and coming independent designers in both the ready-to-wear line and bespoke dressmaking. A culmination of two sister’s love for fashion, their African heritage and London, Iconicity Fashion was born In the summer of 2012 in South West London. Using an intrinsic balance of creativity and business, together Beatrice and Kelly have worked diligently and harmoniously to develop the extremely successful campaign ‘Africa is on your street’. Having harvested their technique and gained a strong following of clients, Iconicity Fashion is heading to full bloom with the launch of their new website ‘’ along with their already established blog, ‘the social affair’.  

Silk, crêpe, satin, sequins, cottons, Vlisco, Mitex and Julien Holland wax prints
Iconicity Fashion designs unique clothing, hand stitched and created especially for you. It is important to us to emphasis exclusivity; we create limited numbers of our designs. Our garments are a celebration of individuality and loving production that we want all our customers to share.

Iconicity designs have appeared on the Sporah Show followed up with an interview with the resident blogger, Katherine Wong. Iconicity established a strong reputation by dressing many prominent members of the UK African entertainment community, such as Theodora Ibekwe at the Women for Africa Awards, Miss Victoria Chi-Chi Okafor , Jacqueline Matovu and aspiring model Fashwa Luke.

Iconicity has also designed African inspired costumes for beauty pageants such as Miss Uganda UK, Miss Cameroon UK, Miss Congo UK, Miss Ghana UK, Miss West Midlands and Miss Black Africa. Recently, Iconicity has been asked to feature in the Styleafriq show in Birmingham for Fabafriq Magazine, visiting Calgary, Canada for the Afrikadey! Festival to show the latest ready-to-wear range and lately the  AMfest 2012.
Although still emerging, the designs have also been showcased at London's Fashion's Finest, Kenya's Young Achiever's award and published on All Africa Fashion. Iconicity has recently been featured in the Hounslow Multicultural Festival at the Paul Robeson Theatre.

The Iconicity office has also opened in Hounslow, London for bespoke consultations.
For more information contact Iconicity:
tel: 07833306476

Photo credit: Iconicity

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sequins, Glitters and Sparkle

Glitters, sequins, spikes, studs are all part of AW12 top fashion trends. Sparkles and sequins are distinctly favoured on this blog. Predominantly, sequins and glitters are perceived as what I call the 3Cs- cheap, cheesy and cherazz. You avoid the 3Cs at all cost. During my research on the history of fashion, sequins, glitters and sparkles were not recorded to any era. They evolved through different styles and accessories. However, post 2000 saw a transition of sequins, sparkles and glitters from 3Cs to chic courtesy of high fashion designers during fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris and London. Main designers during this era were Alexandra McQueen, Karl Lagerfield, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vera Wang and Christian Louboutin.

Sequins are perfect for festive season party wear, and it is that time of year- with glamour, family, friends and the endless Christmas or new year night out. Choosing an outfit is electrifying, but for some a great act of despair  It can be the latter if you're not fashion conscious  The first step is to always vision yourself in an outfit, then focus on creating something unique with it either with accessories, your hair or even make-up. For my recent outing, I opted for Silver Primary Hue Bodycon Velvet Dress from Topshop £40, Miss Selfridge Shoe £55, Necklace from New Look £12.99, tight from River Island £10. What is festive wear without a hint of colour- Na da! This make-up took 10 minutes. I used L'Oreal Hydrating Moisturiser  Witch Primer, Gosh BB Cream, MAC Foundation and Sleek Lip Stain.

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fashion in Aid of Cancer Research UK

The fashion show and a gig in aid of Cancer Research UK took place on 4th October 2012 in one of the most famous clubs in London “Jalouse” and was organised and produced by Edyta Grace who put together a show including people from different cultures.  The audience saw incredible collections by the following designers: Rabbaney Skakeel, Angel Sadel, Mz fashion, JB Afrique, Be You T which were worn with grace and style by professional models including Gabriella Gatehouse the current Miss teen England Royal Galaxy and the Miss Teenager England 2012, male winner of Top Model of Colour 2011 Raphael Olaiya. 

The audience was entertained by an international artist Randolph Matthews, Antarma  and J-Sol who performed his debut single “Alien”.

Nana Afua Antwi – Top Model, designer , founder of Akosua Odei Foundation was co-hosting the event with Lewis-Duncan Weedon, Ohema and Jordine Bartlett making sure that the event went smoothly and that the auction is going to be successful.  

Stuart Phillips, a hairdresser to the stars, three times official BAFTA hairdresser and world's most expensive stylist offered a cut & blow-dry in his swanky Covent Garden Salon, cut & styled by the man himself to a person who gives the best offer during the auction and we had the winner who paid £150 for the voucher raising money for the charity.

The event was attended by people from fashion industry– Gerald McCann –, Danish Wakeel, Angela Plummer – 13 times award winning hairstylist, Janita Francis, Lisette Mibo and many fashion designers.

The event was also supported by press who sponsored the images:   iDeLick Media & Creative Photography (Voted Best Photographer of the Year at BEFFTA AWARDS), See Li, Daylight-News UK, Embrace Magazine with the representative Mo Abdulkadir ,  Mariousz Czajkowski, Femi Best Touch , Shoggy Tosh and Neto FlashstudioTV.

Credit: All listed photographers 
           Anglo Nubia 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Philosophy of Fashion: Femme De Rose

A captivating dress with a Grecian style. It's a red carpet affair, fit for many occasions. Perfect for Fashion4Africa event on the 22nd December. 
Fashion philosophy, history and curating are widely ignored in today's contemporary focused fashion industry, but not for Femme De Rose. With a startling impressive educational background and fashion style, it is not surprising the founder "Aloye Adede" has created timeless pieces for today's neoteric women. 

"The emphasis is on bespoke clothing that is beautifully hand crafted, one of a kind, personal to the wearer with a sense of old fashioned luxury" Aloye Adede

Born and raised in London and the English countryside Aloye Adede was educated at St Mary's School          
Shaftesbury in Dorset, also attended by Camilla Duchess of Cornwall's daughter Laura Rose Lopes. After Aloye's  BScHons degree in Business Management in Surrey, she moved to Italy to study Fashion Communication and  Styling at the prestigious design school Istituto Europeo di Design and graduated with a Masters degree in 2007. On her return to London in 2008 she set up her eponymous womenswear label Eyola which specializes in rich, intricate, exquisite and timeless Victorian inspired jackets and dresses that epitomize iconic British tailoring.

The lining of each blazer jacket is decorated with pink velvet ribbon, symbolizing timelessness and personality. The colour also represents the rose flower, which forms an integral part of Femme De Rose’s heritage and guarantees the high quality fabrics and tailoring. Each blazer is packaged in environmentally friendly acid-free tissue paper, a rose-print reusable 'Furoshiki' gift wrap and an eco-polythene mailing bag. From the infinitely  desirable and timeless blazer jacket to the nature friendly packaging, Eyola's Femme De Rose aims at an experience that will remain close to each woman's heart.

A glance beeps Japan.....not quite Harajuku. But eccentric and very rock chic. 

Italian, stylish and unapologetic!!!! I salute you....Aloye Adede

Have you contacted Vogue? Cos this is super up that street. Sleek black and fuchsia is  pretty girls fashion


In 2011 Eyola's sister label Femme De Rose was launched, a luxury online custom-made service giving women the ability to design and purchase a personalized jacket tailored to their exact size and taste. With over 12 million design options to choose from the choice for a one of a kind blazer is endless. Currently women's sizes are based on standards created in the 1940s but a lot has changed and women come in a variety of shapes. Traditionally men buy personalized tailored jackets, in contrast women buy suits and jackets off the rack in dress sizes which rarely offer tailoring. The result is poorly fitted clothing. Jackets ride up, do not provide enough support and become shapeless and flat. In contrast a tailored Femme De Rose blazer can  enhance each woman’s best features, flattering all body types from making a boyish shape look more  feminine to a curvy shape more hourglass. The concept behind Eyola's Femme De Rose was developed during one of Aloye's countryside walks where she took inspiration from the breathtaking views and flower rich grasslands that surrounded her. Eyola's bespoke online service was influenced by Jean-Baptist Guillot and his discovery of 'La France' the first hybrid tea rose that transformed the floral industry not just during the Victorian era but to this very day. Inspired by Guillot's rose cross-breading technique, Aloye created a concept of her own crossbreeding two hallmarks of the Eyola brand: timelessness and tailoring. 

Angelic beauty, styled to stare, forget nature, she's here to bite- It's in the EYES!!!!
With strong British roots and heritage, taking inspiration from the Victorian era and British tailoring, Eyola's 
Femme De Rose endeavours to source all materials (including a selection of sustainable nature-friendly wool), fabrics and accessories from the UK. Aspiring to follow in the tradition of bespoke British tailoring Eyola's Femme De Rose takes inspiration and follows in the footsteps of London Savile Row's craftsmanship. In an attempt to change the way women shop for clothes, Eyola's Femme De Rose encourages and supports women's freedom of expression by involving women in the design process - satisfying their style needs and ensuring the perfect fit by requesting their bust, waist and hip measurements.

If you like this pieces as much as I do, you can contact Femme De Rose PR:
Rebecca Maher
+44 (0)  7857 170 245

Credit: Femme De Rose 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Editor's Pick: The Kardashian Kollection

The long awaited collection from The Kardashian's has finally hit Dorothy Perkins. The girls have now officially shared their talked about "fashion style" with everyone. The Kollection is a mixture of this season sequin trends, animal print and body con dresses. The Kollection is not at all fashion forward but it's simplicity and selection of colour is perfect for everyday women. There is something for everyone. Whatever the occasion, you are sure to find something to suit your body and wallet.

The editor picks are recreated below: L-R Kardashian Leopard Dress £50, Kardashian Red Dress £40, Kardashian Gold Sequin £45.

Bags: Bag gold bag £30 and gold sequin clutch £30.

 Animal print fashion is nothing new, however the styles created with the prints over the years are very creative and feminine. This collection has one attention "fit perfect". Above, is the LS shirt for work or out for lunch with the girls. Below left is the shoulder pad blouse for that perfect date you've been waiting for. Keep stylish and warm on a night out with a slick blazer on the right. The print Kollection is perfect for work as well.

Photo credit:
Recreated by: Eighteen Forever

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sir Trevor McDonald, Fabrice Muamba, Eddie Kadi & More

On the 27th of October, I attended the BEFFTA Awards an event only by invitation. This was my second  experience and I have been looking forward to it since the launch party at Mayfair. Before the event, a congratulations message was posted on Eighteen Forever Facebook page for newlywed Fabrice Muamba. It was a surprise meeting him. The event was as always spectacular with lots of entertainments and surprises. I can tell you Fabrice is one of the nicest, gentleman I have ever met. When asked for a picture, he looked unexpectedly surprised and of course willing. I thought that was really humble of him. He presented an award and thanked everyone for their support throughout his ordeal. Sir Trevor McDonald was present to receive  a lifetime achievement award. His speech was inspiring yet full of humour. He joked about aiming for "Best Male Model" but missed out. Really?  Moving on....a surprise performance from Star Boy Nathan and his mother Gil who was super entertaining and a little bit manic. But it was great!! Other top personalities were present- Lamar, May7even, Adebayo Jones, presenters, designers, models and more.......

Sir Trevor McDonald inspired me with his speech during his award for Lifetime Achievement in Television *special moments*

The funniest guy ever- Eddie Kadi host the show with founder of BEFFTA Awards Pauline Long. Eddie Kadi is a record breaker- He happens to be the first African Comedian to sell out tickets for his comedy show at the O2 Arena. Edz-dazzling!!!!

With my friend Nancy- who came to support me on the night. Thanks girl!!
I opted for a Black PU and lace panel bustier peplum dress from River Island. I heart the straps- they are detailed in gold florals. 

The guy in the middle is a photographer who decided to take a picture with someone else's award. What a grim!!

With May7even- If you don't know who she is then Google it. She is an Afrobeat/RnB singer based in London. Her first single was in the top 40 UK hits chart 2011. She won best female artist at this year's BEFFTA- well done!!

One of the guest at the award ceremony and finalist at Top Model of Colour UK 2012. This dress is slim fit to her figure but the hair and accessories should have been given extra attention. 

Photo Credit: Eighteen Forever (a special thanks to Nancy for taking the pictures)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Why Do Women Wear High Heel Shoes?

In the last few months, I have been feeling some excruciating pains in my back and it seems this has transported to my left toe. I worry going to the GP will waste time and well I know what he/she might say “lay off heels and get some flat shoes”. Just like they always say! So like any smart young lady will do, I decided to keep on some painkillers and accept it will go away in time. Then it suddenly occurred to me that I cannot live on painkillers for the rest of my life. I need to do something drastic that would relief the pain- and fast. So I am opting for flat shoes! It seemed like the scariest thought I’ve ever had.  This is proving rather difficult after a week. Much effort is needed to accomplish this aim. In respect of this, I embarked on a research leap to find out- why women wear heels. Why women chose to ignore the evasive discomfort to mere pleasure- if at all is it pleasure when it hurts. Logically, the answer is simple- we just feel good in it.
Personally, I heart high-heeled shoes because they are attractive. The thought of not wearing them anymore really scares me. They are elegant in shape, supports good body posture and most of all created for different fashion styles. My favourite “Rouge” heel as seen in the picture below is styled with an African print. 

Recent research by the savvy foot care company Compeed revealed that British women wear high heel shoes than their European counterparts. British women on average wear a 3.3inches heel compare to 2.4inches in France and 2.7 in Germany. From this result, I can fairly interpret this information by concluding that British women on average are shorter than women in France and Germany. British women admitted to endure the pain caused by high heels because they are perceived as prestige. Hence, perception is a key factor to women’s decision to wear high heels.
So what are the medical effects of wearing such high heels?
A study by Dr. Kerrigan et al explored the effects of footwear on the knees. Their result showed high relationship between heels and strains on the knees. Therefore, all heels have detrimental effect on the knees which is likely to cause osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis otherwise known as wear-and-tear arthritis is as a result of degeneration of cartilage in the joint resulting to severe pain and loss of motion in the joint. That is not all; wide-heel shoes are of greater risk than narrow heel shoes because greater force is placed on them. So if you are opting for wider heels with the assumption that it is safer and low-risk to your muscle- think again!
So is it worth it? I think not!
From my findings, it is clear that all heeled shoes have incurable health effects. They can be controlled with painkillers, but is that a wise lifestyle when you can purchase fashionable flats less than your health value.
Be smart, Be fashionable!
Article by: Eighteen Forever
Photo credit: Eighteen Forever
Please ask for permission before using this information. Thank you

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nominated: Fashion Blog of The Year at Black Weblog Awards 2012

We have been nominated for Black Weblog Awards in US. So thrilled! Thank you for your support peeps. 

Photo credit: Black Weblog Awards 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Voting Line Now Open

Eighteen Forever is a fashion blog with an emerging fashion line. 
Aim: to share bold, bright and current fashion trends through personal style and fashion shows......

Objectives: 1. connect with bloggers, designers, retailers and the 
social enterprise sphere.

2. Promote sustainable fashion, beauty and fashion events.

Current partners: ANGLO NUBIA Face Of Colour RuShee

Events and contribution: Press at Africa Fashion Week London 2012
and contributed to Africa Fashion Week Magazine August Edition

Awards: BEFFTA Awards and Black Weblogs Awards 2012 Nominee

Absolutely humbled to be nominated for this awards. It would mean everything if "Eighteen Forever" gets the trophy- so please vote and share the link THANK YOU!!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

BEFFTA Awards 2012: King of Couture Hosts Launch Party

Another hectic week off my schedule. It all started with the undergraduate recruitment fair in London, followed by the BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television Arts) Awards nomination launch party on Wednesday 26th September at Babble Mayfair- then Face of Colour audition and photo shoot in Birmingham on Saturday 29th September at the Custard Factory. Uhh.... It's exhausting but fun!! BEFFTA launch party was prodigious!!!! Lots of people attended- celebrities, bloggers, presenters' and of course emerging talents' too. One thing I admire the most about BEFFTA Awards is its "inclusiveness". Everyone is given the chance to share their talents and gain well deserved recognition. This year's nomination launch party was hosted by Mr Adebayo Jones aka King of Couture. He is one of the most humble people I have ever met. His designs are high-fashion couture, heritage and ladylike. Loved the showcase at Africa Fashion Week London in August.

The highlight of the event is the nominee announcement.  I am so humbled and delighted to be nominated for Blog of the Year in just 8 months of establishment. Thank you to everyone who nominated. Voting opens 7th of October #EighteenForever.

Fashion wise, it was average I guess everyone is saving their style-savv for the award night on the 27th of October at The Hippodrome North London. I cannot wait to see you all there.

Founder of BEFFTA Awards Miss Pauline Long with Ken Smart (L- Actor/Producer/Director at Genesis Producxions Ltd) and Mr Adebayo Jones (R- Fashion Designer aka King of Couture). Love the bright colour with natural make-up. 

         Fashion blogger meets Legendary Fashion designer- Mr Adebayo Jones... *Special moment*

Fashion blogger with Jimmy Akingbola from Holby City. Battle of the Darkest. Who is darker? 

Uhh..can you see what I'm seeing. Leyton keep your legs straight!! Didn't see this until editing. Your suit is super bright!! Samuell Benta well tailored suit in electric blue was my favourite on the night. *best-dressed*. 

I will be very happy to offer my service "what suits your body shape" to the lady in red. Nice shape- wrong dress + too much bling!! The lady in pink dress got the shape right for her body- however there is too much accessories going on.....ditch the necklace and keep earring and bracelet. Love the hair!!

You have committed a great offence by wearing that shoe with the frill skirt (lady on the left). What were you thinking? Love the jumpsuit (lady in the middle)

I introduce you to....Shiikane! They can sing. I mean they can sing!! Please perform on the award night. Love their style too. Animal print is NOT going anywhere. OK!" The clutch bag in the middle is from Miss London £32. I am definitely getting one *smiles*

Elaka performing at the launch party. Lace is very tricky to pull off. This dress did NO justice to her figure. Keep up the good work though!!

   Focus please.....focus on the right!! Lovely Victoria from Focus Organisation is nominated for Best  Events Promoter. She is definitely promoting with that "Top". To find out more about Focus Organisation, please follow this link:

Left: Fashion designer (The House of Adjeiwaa) and her friend. House of Adjeiwaa is nominated for fashion designer of the year. Good luck lady....I hope you WIN!!!! To see House of Adjeiwaa's designs, please follow this link:

They got it right. A/W 12 is all about black, colour and statement shoes!!! Well done to the lady in LBD. For more black fashion this winter, visit Zara, Topshop and Warehouse. For bright colour fashion, see Eighteen Forever fashion line on this blog. 
Miss West Africa Winner was also at the event. She seemed nervous and overwhelmed by it all. Welcome to the world of entertainment!!!! Don't will get use to it.

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nominated: Fashion Blog of The Year at BEFFTA Awards UK

Many thanks to all those who nominated Eighteen Forever for Fashion Blog of The Year 2012. We really appreciate you.

At the Launch Party with Jimmy Akingbola.

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Nicki Minaj & Co

Red hair, yellow heels, blue clutch bag? Yep! Embracing colour is the new paradigm in fashion. Take a bliss......Why not try multiple colours with your outfit. This outfit breaks style rule from all era with multi-colour combination is every way. Wondering where to get this fabulous shoe? No wonder, just shop at Milano for only £65. How could you ignore this cut-out tailored pencil dress from Oasis £80. I wore this dress on my graduation in January - not with the shoe of course. This outfit is "classy meets bright colour" which is unique but intensified. To avoid looking like a drag rather than a chic because of the "red hair"- I opt for supreme and natural make-up with a long-stain lipstick in nude colour from KIKO. Did you just ask where the earrings are from? One place for statement accessories particularly those inspired by geometrics- drum roll please.....its..... Topshop!!

Remember- fashion is about experimenting and evolving with shapes, patterns, styles and presentation. Just give it a try and have fun doing it!! Happy shopping xoxo

I love flowers- they are so beautiful I could collect them all day. 
FF- Clutch bag from Shu £20
KIKO nail liquor £9.99.

Young money maker- what you say? Not a fan of her music but I adore the unusual hair colour and make-up. Yellow was HOT during Spring but it looks like it is here to stay. Embrace COLOUR!!

Photo credit: Eighteen Forever & The Internet