Saturday, 21 April 2012

Interview With Asos Style Icon

 I ask about everything fashion.... 

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EF:  Who is Ferah?

Ferah: Ferah is a Turkish girl who lives
in UK, I'm a fashion lover and art lover,
talented about many things :)

EF: What is your history with fashion?
Ferah: Not too much, I can say honestly,
but I always follow fashion and trends, I
love fashion blogs and love bloggers who have their own style.
(Like Andy- Style Scrapbook or Chiara-The  Blonde Salad).
EF: I love your style, what inspires you?

Ferah: Thank you, everything inspires me :) Prints, art,books,trends,fashion, I can say everything for this. When I see a shirt or a blouse , I start to imagine how to combine it with :)  I love to watch fashion shows and if I like something from the collection, I find it on Google and use it in my outfits.
                    ***Outfits created by Ferah***
EF: How would you describe your style?

Ferah: My style is totally bold and different, we can say 'novelty'because I love novelty trend,I also love metallic and shine trend...I always try to be different with my outfits- works,I'm not creating for 'creating', I mean I always want to create something special,I care about layouts,too...My outfits must be like an art for me :) I'm a perfectionist :) In my life and for my works, always like that...I see many outfits without special attention, it's easy to put a shirt and shorts with sandals all together, I can do it in a minute, but i don't like that! It's not fashion! Sometimes I want to scream "did you like that outfit after you created it" I see some users with no taste of fashion, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling, so I don't make a comment to them :) Well known user or not, I prefer to support them, but sometimes it's boring to see those kind of outfits there..Let's return to the topic, if you look at my outfits on fashion finder, you'll feel that they are made for celebrities :) Because I'm always bold with my style. I also care about prints and textures, I don't like 'cheap fashion'..
                                                                ***Ferah's outfits***

5. Do you consider yourself a stylist from your creations @asos-fashion-finder?

Ferah: Not at all, I do what i like on fashion finder, I create
outfits for my taste, for trends,with my favourite items of the
season...Being an icon is about voting,commenting and being
creative on fashion finder. I love being creative,supporting
people,helping them by messages. But  I can't say "I'm a
stylist" ,but lots of users asked me if  I'm in fashion work :)
That makes me happy to hear that kind of messages,that means
people like my works-outfits...

EF: You have been awarded “Outfit of the Week” few times, how did you feel the first time you received this?

Ferah: Thank you, it was great to see my outfit as an outfit of the week,read it many times in a week :) Looked at it many times, had screenshots :) Hehehe :) It's great to see my work on front page, on  trend pages or as an outfit of the week, those all make me happy...hope ff team chooses different user's outfits for every week, because there are many talented ff friends there. I'm always a fair person, I'll be happy to see deserved outfits there...
EF: Do you do anything relating to fashion for a living?
Ferah: No, I don't do anything about fashion, only creating outfits for fashion finder,I respect who does it perfectly and follow their fashion as a fashion lover.
EF: What are the benefits and challenges you have encountered as a style creator?
Ferah: It's a great feeling on fashion finder, users ask me my fashion tips, my advices by messages, I always help them...But the important thing is; knowing your body and wearing what suits you, I care that...I always have compliments about my outfits and that makes me happy, I haven't had a challenge yet :) I don't like people who becomes spoiled with our fashion status there, I know myself well and it never changes me, I'm still the same after being a style icon there.
***EF: I remember when I first joined FF, I was a bit lost to be honest. I was trying to create an outfit for my profile page and I couldn't. So I sent you a message and you replied...really helpful too. I was, I'm new, she doesn't know me but she replied. I really thought you work for ASOS. It was a great feeling knowing that someone can help you online without even knowing who you are :).
    EF: Do you have style icon(s)?
Ferah: Yes, of course I have style icons, everyone has their style icons I think :) It's about being into fashion :) I love Olivia Palermo's style,she's always so chic and trendy.(I also care about being beautiful...If a woman hasn't got a make up on her face while showing her clothes, it's nothing to me, I don't care about her.That's not the fashion for me.I also care about the nails, an icon has to do all those totally to be a style icon for me ;) I also like Anna Dello Russo's style, she's so bold and I'm always excited to see her outfits on fashion weeks :) I like celebrities with their own styles, I also like Emma Watson and Siena Miller,too.... And if you ask me about fashion finder; my favoruite stylish fashion finder user is definitely MacademianGirl,she's always bold with fashion love her style,I vote for all of her looks, she's a style icon for me.
  EF: What is your favourite fashion buy(s) this season?
Ferah: This season's must haves for me; printed shirts,I love them, I love colourful outfits, I don't like one coloured outfits, I always add some colours to my outfits in my life, so I like new trends this season.I also love lace,it's so romantic and every girl has at least one piece in their closets,I decide to buy a lace shirt or a dress.
                          ***Ferah adds some colour***
  EF:   Do you follow trends or do you consider yourself a trend setter?
Ferah: I love feeling comfortable, love sporty luxe trend for my real life, I always follow the trends, watch fashion shows, also searching for designer pieces online, I love fashion...I love to wear trendy clothes,too...
EF: How often do you shop?

Ferah: I often shop, but I generally prefer online shopping :) I
love picking my favourite items and putting them in my basket :)
Every women like that I think, I like screen shopping ,too :) I
always make them real for myself, I like and's done :) I
love visiting all the shops around, seeing beautiful clothes and
in the end buy them :) I love designer products :)
EF: Are you a high street shopper or designer lover?

Ferah: I'm a designer lover. I love Alexander McQueen, Marc
Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel, JCDC, oh, hard to write here all of them :)

EF: Will you be attending any fashion festival this year?
Ferah: No, I won't attend any fashion festivals this year.
EF: Thank you for honouring this interview :)
Ferah: Thank you for the interview <3
      ***To see more about Ferah, visit asos-fashionfinder***