Friday, 18 November 2011

Three is a crowd

So here is the dilemma, you turn-up at an event and notice another person in the same outfit as you. What would you do? Get yourself out of there as fast as you can? or Just smile and pretend you knew all along (Surprise!!!!!!). Arhh, I don't think so. If I find myself in a situation like that, I would embrace it and have something to remember.

But, what if two others are dressed in the same outfit as you? Yes that's right, two is a secret that is sweet to remember as I say, but three is a freaking crowd people. I would not find that funny at all. I think I would lock myself in the ladies for a while. Well, not for this celebs, they just love been triplets from different parents :) or maybe just too much supply from the designers. If you think about it, how many people can afford this expensive dresses. Well, lets take a look at this triplets then....

So the wonderful SJP has been smoulded by this two aliens, sorry, I mean... ladies. SJP for life and to be really really honest, she looks better than this two. This dress was made for her. Yep I said it!

Oh dear, this lot have gone a bit further, four is a total mess but who do you think looks better in this number?

Personally, I would say they all look good in their own way. Not sure about what Rihanna is carrying over her shoulder.

Below are other images of celebrities in same dresses but this time on the street.

When I first saw this outfits, I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous they look. Frankly, they look really nice (aka Sci-Fi). I love it! Fashion is fun, right? L-R: Coco, J-woww and Kim Zolciak.

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