Monday, 7 May 2012

Street Style Australia

Whilst most girls wear denims, crop tops, blazers and the ever-ranging colours of pastel this season. Aussie fashionistas where raving in bold & tribal prints and sweet florals at Australia Fashion Week this year. I wish I was there but, there is nothing more stimulating than researching and sharing others immaculate taste in fashion, especially those of high fashion photographers and of course journalists.

Street style: Sweet floral

Street style inspiration: Burberry Prorsum's tribal print

Street style: mixing summer, winter & spring. Very inspirational

Photo credit: Mr Newton at     

Bold and tribal prints are daring colours and patterns, not all girls can get away with wearing it. What is important is to...

1. Know your body shape.

2. Know your skin tone and colours that compliment it.

3. Try things on before you buy them.

4. Always ask for others opinion (those you can trust, not all shop assistants are going to be honest with you).

5. Don't be afraid to try something new.

6. Golden- always take pictures so you can make real judgement of what you're wearing>(helps for improvement).