Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Liverpool Urban Hair Show

For those who say- "there's nothing going on in Liverpool". Well you are so wrong. There is a great deal going on in the city. I must admit, its not the same as London or Birmingham. However, you can create your own event. Contact other creatives and work together. There is never a success by one but by many.

Like many, Claire saw a gap in Liverpool for sociable events, specifically extravagant hair shows to showcase talent in the region. Claire decided to organise the first Urban Hair Show in Liverpool with the aim of raising funds for Liverpool One Charity. Liverpool Urban Hair Show took place on Thursday 4th July at Leo Casino.

Models hair were styled by Wirral Metropolitan College students' and, Eighteen Forever(EF) had the pleasure of styling 5 models with the brand clothing range. EF clothing is for social change. Wearing EF Clothing means you want to see positive change in the fashion industry and you help to create work for those in developing communities. T-Shit was also showcased at the show.  A range of- what I describe as Urban, Cool, T-Shirt by Jasmin.

What would a show be without media people? Nothing. Special thanks to Photograph-E for the images.
She is super fierce. Winning the Best Look of the Night. So deserved it. Want the dress? Contact EF- eighteenf@gmail.com 
EF Founder with Fab models at the show. 
Hair we go......courtesy of Wirral Metropolitan College 
How fabulous are these Peeps?

Model in Eighteen Forever designs (all available here: www.eighteenforever.co.uk) 

Model in Lime Crop top £20 and Lime Flare Skirt £25 (available here: www.eighteenforever.co.uk) 

Party people at the show with Claire (in sequin dress who is the event organiser). 

L- Jasmin (Founder of T-Shit)

Are you?
Doesn't make any sense? Read the shirt and then start again. 
Jasmin and her models in her T-Shit designs. Well, except for the two angels in red at the back and of course the guy without a shirt. Hmm...... 
Model in Eighteen Forever Kente Love Dress £45 

Photo credit: Photograph-E.co.uk