Monday, 16 April 2012

Recreating Your Favourite Mag

I just thought about restyling some of my favourite magazines yesterday, so I used my database with asos-fashion-finder to create these styles. There are so many magazines out there, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. For me, continuous purchase of a particular magazine(s) is not about loyalty, it is a relationship built on commonality with the magazine over time.

COMPANY is a great magazine. I hope that I get an opportunity to work for them. I get alot of fashion information, events, promos and gift codes from them. It's a dynamic magazine that embraces all styles, body shapes and of course all women. Thanks COMPANY for being my fashion weapon.

See the magazines before the creation.......

Vintage chic

New African Woman Magazine represents all African Women. It is equally dynamic to COMPANY. NAW goes beyond fashion information, the magazine is a platform for all African Women to get established, therefore showcasing established and emerging talents to the international world and showcasing African Women in the diaspora worldwide. Thanks New African Woman for sharing African talents to the world.
Re-styled: Afropolitan

I love GLAMOUR, who doesn't? Just adore what it means. A feminine magazine for all women. It's sexy, fun, energetic and most of all full of IDEAS. Ideas that inspire me to be the stylist I am today. Thanks GLAMOUR for giving me so much confident.

Colour struck
 Country-life is as great as its fashion. I am inspired by weekend gateways to North Wales.
Heritage/Ladylike x

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