Saturday, 30 August 2014

Graduate, Female, Unhappily Single and Twenty something

At 17 yrs old, I had my life planned out just before leaving school. I was going to University to study Commerce (now referred to as Marketing) and perhaps do my Masters after completing my Bachelors degree. I would meet the love of my life at University and by 25 we would be married. By 27, we would have a baby and then take a year out to explore the world. Who would look after the baby? Well, that’s what grandparents are there for. My mother or mother-in law can look after our beautiful baby whilst me and my hand-some, successful husband go travelling the world. After a year of global exploration, we return home to work hard and save as much as we can so we can afford a dream home in sunny somewhere.

I finished school but poorly passed core subjects in my GSCEs so I had to retake them. Another year added to my plan but who cares. I was determine things would work out anyways. I suddenly took ill which lead to a year off education. After recovering, I decided to enrol at College where I spent 3 years studying Business, which meant starting University at 22. Bloody ridiculous I thought! Still determined to meet Mr Right and get married by 25 though.

Fast forward twelve years…one part of the plan came through. I went to University and gained two first class degrees- BA Business and Marketing and MSc Marketing Management. The rest? Well still working on that. I am now a graduate, unhappily single, female in my last 20s and still wishing for that hand-some single man to sweep me off my feet or maybe just put a ring on it.  

So what I’m I doing about been single? Nothing really, I guess that’s why I’m still single. I’ve been reflecting on my life lately and thought I’m actually not making an effort to meet the right person for me. I spend most of my time blogging, working on fashion projects, sleeping and just surfing social media. If you're a graduate, unhappily single, female, twenty something with no active plans to change your current 'single' status to 'in a relationship', it’s time to make a change for a change to happen. You don’t want to be unhappily single, female and thirty something. Do you?