Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Kigali Fashion Week 2014

Delighted to receive Press Release for Kigali Fashion Week 2014 from John Bunyeshuli. I met John in 2012 on The Sporah Show. We exchanged contacts and here we are supporting Kigali Fashion Week. This is what doing business looks like over here. Working together and creating sustainable projects with positive impacts.

Kigali Fashion Week November 2013
Photo credit: The Guardian
LDJ Productions is partnering with House of Fashion Rwanda the organizers of the annual Kigali Fashion Week event www.kigalifashionweek.com.  This collaboration will all be under the watchful eye and the auspice of the commonwealth fashion council
The Mille de Collins Hotel in Kigali will play host to Kigali Fashion Week 2014.   The event is slated for 3rd to8th November 2014 and will showcase 3 international and12 Rwandan designers.  The event is braced to attract a global audience after the appointment of Kigali fashion week as a permanent board member of the commonwealth fashion council in Londonwww.commonwealthfashioncouncil.org early this year.
Kigali Fashion Week 2014 theme is “Disability is Not Inability” making awareness of mental disability in our society.
The House of Fashion-Rwanda`s mission is to establish an arts-academy which will promote Rwandan culture and creativity through design &fashion. The academy will be providing an environment for fostering, learning and creativity with young talent in Rwanda. Through its mission, which is steeped in education, the academy will promote designers, models and students alike in knowledge and skills, that will instill in them the commitment necessary to attain access and success in the fields of arts and fashion. 
A special program dedicated to entrepreneurship will assist designers and models who are interested in building their own brands by providing business, marketing and sales skills plus customer service for Rwanda and to its dedication to the mission and its vision.
Designers and model at Kigali Fashion Week November 2013
Photo credit: Rwanda Fashion
John Bunyeshuli is the  co-founder House of Fashion Rwanda and CEO of Kigali Fashion Week together with Patrick Muhire  and ColombeItuzeboth fashion designers, co company founders  and directors  pioneering to make this year`s event a success.

LDJ Productions www.ldjproduction.com, based in New York City.

The companyresponsible for the day-to-day management and operations of Fashion Week in New York and has consulted on Fashion Weeks in Mumbai, Toronto, Los Angeles and Miami.

LDJ produces large-scale events globally and their roster of clients includes L’Oreal, Yahoo, Twitter, Victoria’s Secret, Viacom and many more.

As the economy rebounds in Rwanda, fashion has become a relevant business and expected to create hundreds of local jobs and boost the economy.   Deemed as the fastest growing economy in Africa, Rwanda is committed to independent financial status by the year 2020. Kigali Fashion Week and House of Fashion vision is dedicated to assisting in the development and boost the local fashion economy with skills and resources needed to start sustainable businesses.

For more information or to get involve please contact House of Fashion Rwanda
Tel: +250 789660 230
Email: kigalifashionweek@gmail.com OR info@kigalifashionweek.com 
Website: www.kigalifashionweek.com

Press Release: House of Fashion