Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fashion From Space: Courtesy of Vlisco

I am super excited by these designs to the point that I'm actually "speechless". I came across them yesterday on facebook and I will make it a mission to interview some of the designers behind this genius creations. As you can see, the designs and material are African inspired and totally mind-blowing. Think of "giraffe, peacock, myths about mermaid's" and other creatures. You can see this on every single design. Enough description, check them out........

 This is called "Psychédéliques" meaning a altered state of awareness. I call it an altered state of creativity. I mean look at the craftmanship. Totally awesome!
 This is truly a "graphic statement". It is show-stopping and very arithmetic. I sure remember my rectangles and circles.
What is this? Can anyone walk in this one? Oh yes..Lady Gaga. It's really interesting because some of this designs have been out well before Gaga (from 1990+). Shocking!

I love this number. Pink is a great colour when you see it in such as classic way. Flamboyant and interactive!

OK I am not sure which one is my favourite now, but I can tell you this design has taken over my soul :) Focus on the design below (very carefully and you shall feel the same effect).

If you have any designs/products you want to be featured, just send me an email

Photo credit: Vilsco on facebook